A Smile to be Proud of

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Do you have a broken or cracked tooth? Maybe a tooth that has pieces chipping off it all the time or huge, unsightly, silver amalgam fillings? And you are busy and would like to fix your teeth with minimum visits to the dentist? Then Smiles Dental Care at Margate is the place you need to visit. Using the latest technology the team at Smiles can have you smiling brightly again in no time.

Often a filling is all that is offered but sometimes patients need a more comprehensive solution for their dental problems and Smiles Dental Care offer a quick and convenient answer. Dentists often suggest crowns as a long term answer – these simply act as a type of ‘helmet’ which covers the tooth and helps to protect it. At Smiles, we use the strongest materials on the market so you can be assured these restorations will last.

Following the initial tooth preparation, your new crown is permanently placed within 24 hours. Patients previously had to wait up to four weeks to receive their crowns. All the while having to live with an uncomfortable and sometimes unpleasant, temporary crown. With the computerised crown milling Hi-Tech system only available at Smiles, we can design and manufacture your new smile in no time. This therefore avoids this frustrating delay.

As well as these amazing crowns, the milling machine also creates porcelain veneers and fillings that will transform your smile forever. One of our goals at Smiles is to see a confident, long lasting smile on all of our patient’s faces with minimum turn around time.

So if you’re concerned about the appearance and strength of your teeth come in and talk to the Smiles team to discuss the options available for you. With no sales pressure we will help and guide you in making the right decision for your budget and lifestyle.