Amalgam Fillings – Why Replace Them?

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Six out of ten fractured teeth are associated with old amalgam fillings. Dentists can clearly see multiple cracks underneath the fillings when replacing these old amalgam fills. All these cracks are just like cracks on the windscreen! One day a tooth just shatters and patients are surprised. Few patients blame their age, loosing calcium, their diet, childbirth, etc, etc …. But the most common factor associated with such incidences is the amalgam/mercury fillings. ‘As a person eats hot and cold food the temperature changes create gaps around the fillings and creates cracks in the teeth. In these gaps food sits and rots, making the tooth weak, causing the whole tooth to crumble,’ says Dr Amol Dabholkar.

Research shows the average life span of any filling is 9-10 years. After this they need to be replaced by a new filling to prevent the formation of a cavity/decay below and around the filling.

You can replace the fillings any time but once the tooth is cracked it’s cracked forever. Most of the time these cracks remain asymptomatic but when they reach the nerve of the tooth; the tooth becomes either sensitive or painful and the best option to treat such hopeless teeth is removal. This can become complex to treat and can cost a fortune to repair if left unattended

Dr Dabholkar says ‘Just because it’s not hurting it doesn’t mean that nothing is wrong. Patients often think that they can put off necessary dental treatment because they have no symptoms but this is deceiving with amalgam fillings. The idea is to replace these metal fillings now before it is too late!’

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