Get a Fresh New Start with the Help of All-On-Four Implants!

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Losing a tooth or two is already a dilemma, but how about losing all your teeth? Fortunately, there is a way for people to have their oral structures restored. For many years now, a prosthesis with a gum-coloured base and fake teeth has been made available as a reliable solution for most people. However, over time, the appliance tends to change in fit. Once this is experienced, normal functions such as eating and speaking become affected. Plus, the wobbly device can lead to sores and other forms of discomfort.

At Smiles Dental Care, replacing lost teeth does not have to be so complicated. Instead of offering the traditional type of restorative appliance, we opted for a more permanent, durable, and stable teeth replacement. Enticed by the said features? Give All-on-Four Implants a go!

dental implant

All-on-Four Implants, as its name implies, is a procedure performed by dentists where four implant posts are strategically placed by surgery in the jawbone to support a full denture in place. Instead of using a single implant per tooth, the use of four implant post is a much simpler approach in replacing lost teeth. Know more about the said service below.


Benefits of All-on-Four Dental Implants

Reduced timeframe

Compared to those who are getting the conventional implant service, less time is needed to have the teeth replaced. There is no need for patients to undergo a bone grafting procedure prior to having their teeth restored, which is usually required if there is a significant loss of supporting structures. Patients can simply avail of the All-on-Four procedure where each implant post is positioned in a way to support the placement of dentures without the need for time-consuming processes.

Lesser cost

Getting dental implants can be a little pricey, but the results it gives are undeniably worth it even in the long run. The good news with the All-on-Four approach is that, since additional procedures are no longer necessary, overall possible costs are reduced.

Instant replacement

Instead of waiting for months to have the teeth restored, All-on-Four Implants can be completed in just one day! No need to spend weeks or months of being toothless; with the help of the said approach, replacing teeth has never been easier.

Better stability

The concern of most people when it comes to All-On-Four implants is if it retains the security in the jaw like with conventional implants. Although it is offered to people who already experienced bone loss, they can expect that the bone to implant contact can be strengthened.


Do not miss out on life because of missing teeth! With a much simpler dental implant restoration that can be enjoyed in one day, what more can you ask for? Call or visit us at Smiles Dental Care and avail of our Dental Implants in Margate, QLD!