Take the sting out of going to the dentist

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If we are all honest with ourselves we will admit that we are all terrified of going to the dentist – just the thought of it may even give you the terrors. For many it is the dreaded needle that scares us the most. Smiles Dental Care at Margate has a new method of anaesthetic delivery that will take the sting out of visiting the dentist.

Injex is a needle free injection system which allows the liquid to pass through the gum without a needle. This system has been available overseas for a number of years and has just received approval for use in Australia. The Team at Smiles Dental Care say that patients have really taken to Injex. ‘All patients that we have used it on have said they much prefer Injex over traditional injections’ says Dr Amol Dabholkar. A bonus for dental patients is that this well accepted technique uses less anaesthetic than traditional needles resulting in shorter duration of soft tissue numbness. Injex will never totally replace traditional needles but it certainly makes most appointments far less stressful for all of us that dread going to the dentist.

‘My team understands that everyone is nervous when going to the dentist; we believe in putting the patients comfort first, that is why I have introduced Injex to the practice,’

Dr Dabholkar says. At Smiles Dental Care a range of treatments and services are available to patients with this belief in mind. ‘We often find that nervous patients are able to relax and undergo treatment with us. This is because our staff treats our patients with gentle understanding of their needs and concerns.’ Often gentle conversation and caring treatment is all patients need but Smiles also offer Nitrous Oxide, otherwise known as happy gas, to help settle those nerves for people still not able to cope.

With so many options available to patients to make their trip to the dentist that little bit easier, Smiles Dental Care is certainly the place to visit. ‘Come in and meet the Smiles Team and discuss your concerns with us. I am sure you will find that together we can find the right treatment plan to suite your individual needs’ Dr Dabholkar invites.