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Dentures used to be the most popular solution for missing teeth but thanks to technological advances there are now even better alternatives. Dental implants are the ideal solution in this modern era of dentistry, as they enable you to permanently replace missing teeth.

A missing tooth will negatively impact the health of your jaw, your gums and your remaining teeth. If you are suffering from tooth loss, we strongly recommend you to see your dentist so that your oral health can be restored. At Smiles Dental Care, we provide implant supported dentures that deliver a higher quality of life as they are a fixed, long-term solution rather than a full or partial denture.

The reason implant dentistry is beneficial is because it replaces your whole tooth, including its root, and can be individually tailored to your needs. The dental implant solution utilises titanium implants which bond with your existing jawbone. The implant then acts as the anchor for an abutment and dental crown which is shaped to suit your smile.

Whether you prefer a removable or a fixed solution or whether you have lost one, multiple or all of your teeth, we have the treatment for you.

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