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Smiles Dental Care looks forward to seeing you smile at the end of your treatment.

If you have crooked or irregular teeth, an improper bite or disproportionate jaw, we offer orthodontic solutions. Orthodontics not only helps to improve the general appearance of your smile but can also prevent future problems.

From early intervention orthodontics to adult treatment

Sometimes orthodontic treatment can be an alternative to other very expensive treatments. It can be done not only at younger age but also later in life (60 and above). You will be surprised to know what benefits this treatment can offer you at any age of your life. If treatment is performed at an early age (early intervention orthodontics) it can prevent problems with the development of the teeth, jaws and overall composition of your face which can be difficult to treat later in life. The Smiles Dental Care team have innovative solutions to correct the position of your teeth and correct your bite.

Dr Amol gives a good overview of different orthodontic treatments.

Braces Brisbane

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