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Implant-Supported Dentures in
Margate, QLD

Implant-supported dentures are an excellent solution for patients living with complete tooth loss. Our dental team offers affordable dentures in Margate, Queensland to help our patients get their smiles back. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

Dentures in Margate, QLD

If you suffer from permanent tooth loss, Smiles Dental Care has the solution you need to restore your smile. We offer durable and natural-looking implant-supported dentures to permanently replace missing teeth and help you enjoy the benefits of a fully restored bite. Call our Margate office today to learn more about the benefits of implant-supported dentures.

What do Implant-Supported Dentures cost?

At Smiles Dental Care, we do everything we can to make our dentures as affordable as possible. The cost of your implant-supported dentures will depend on your treatment needs and goals. Schedule a consultation with our dental team to learn more. We will provide a complete breakdown of all treatment costs and options. Be sure to ask about our flexible financing options.

What are Implant-Supported Dentures?

Removable dentures used to be the most popular solution for missing teeth. Thanks to advances in dental care technology, there are now even better alternatives for patients living with permanent tooth loss. Dental implants are the ideal solution in this modern era of dentistry, as they enable you to permanently replace missing teeth and fully restore your smile.

Our dentures are made from high-quality, dental-grade materials for a completely functional and natural-looking teeth replacement. A missing tooth will negatively impact the health of your jaw, your gums, and your remaining teeth. If you are suffering from tooth loss, we strongly recommend you to see our dentist so that your oral health can be restored.

At Smiles Dental Care, we provide implant-supported dentures that deliver a higher quality of life as they are a fixed, long-term solution rather than a full or partial denture.

How do Implant-Supported Dentures work?

At Smile Dental Care, we use All-on-4 implants to provide a stable foundation for your dentures. All-on-4 implants are surgically placed in your jaw by inserting two posts in the front of your mouth and two toward the back of your mouth. This ensures a fixed, permanent anchor for your full arch dentures. Once placed, your dentures will look and function just like natural teeth.

Be sure to brush twice daily as recommended by our dental team to keep your dentures in excellent condition for years to come.

We are a professional and comprehensive dental care team with a strong focus on quality healthcare and customer-friendly service.

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