Our technology enables same-day restorations to minimise the interruption to our patients.

Smiles Dental Care utilises computer-aided design and manufacturing technology to restore the appearance and function of your teeth. E4D CAD/CAM technology is used in tooth restorative dentistry to create crowns and bridges. This innovation assists the dentist in designing the features, shapes and sizes of a crown or bridge with the use of in-house digital imaging software. With this, patients are provided with strong, durable and well-fitting tooth-like restorations, and the entire procedure is done on the same day.

We get it right every time

With the use of computer-aided design and manufacturing we are able to deliver restorations that fit perfectly down to the millimetre. CAD/CAM technology ensures the tooth matches the surrounding teeth for symmetry and has a natural appearance. Our porcelain restorations will ensure a precise, durable and natural looking solution to repair and replace teeth.

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